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Social Media Marketing is one of those things that many business owners really didn’t use to understand the value of, but now realise its importance. It’s not an optional thing anymore, either for businesses that want to gain clients, or for those who want to just retain them. Competition is fierce.

I initially fell into Social Media Management but I now love it. It happened as I’m an excellent communicator. I’ve worked with those on all levels, both locally and internationally, I learnt that relating to clients (and the rest of the population) and communicating with them effectively is what makes a business both gain and retain clients.

I started off professionally with LinkedIn – ironic as it’s still not the largest platform (however, one of the most productive for B2B) then fell into Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Gosh, Instagram; pictures are now said to speak 100,000 words (rather than just 1000!).

I bumped into a lady just yesterday who I’d linked with on LinkedIn and Twitter several weeks ago and we felt like we knew each other already. That’s what social media does. It breaks down barriers. It makes developing business relationships and therefore sales a whole lot easier.

My background is that of Finance (both in the UK and Australia), charity (see the names on the website) and even a bit of FMCG and travel. They’re rather different sectors but for the they are all there to make money, hence they all use social media marketing!

Anyway, enough about me. My blogs will be educational, fun, useful (with tips!) and current!

Do give me a shout should you wish to meet for coffee in London, or Skype from this island (UK) all the way over to New Zealand!

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