3 team members

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What and who makes up your team in the workplace? A team could be those in your little team of 5 in the audit department. Or it could be the team of 50 in the banking department. Or the team of 500 in the chocolate department (I like chocolate). My current team of 3 us […]

10,560 miles through social

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Distance is not an issue any more. We’ve been told this for years really haven’t we. But not just through the internet but through social media, the world is a tiny place. It’s amazing how we can relate to someone thousands of miles (or km, whichever you choose) that we’ve never met, within literally seconds. […]

Who we are

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Social Media Marketing is one of those things that many business owners really didn’t use to understand┬áthe value of, but now realise its importance. It’s not an optional thing anymore, either for businesses that want to gain clients, or for those who want to just retain them. Competition is fierce. I initially fell into Social […]