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What and who makes up your team in the workplace? A team could be those in your little team of 5 in the audit department. Or it could be the team of 50 in the banking department. Or the team of 500 in the chocolate department (I like chocolate).

My current team of 3 us formed of myself, with a couple of plants! But I do actually consider other business owners who I mix with frequently (both online and over lunch/coffee) to be my team members/business associates. As we do work together.

When other SME owners help each other, it’s a good thing. I’m not just talking about referrals but I’m talking about advice. Mentoring. Tips. Long-term relationships. We help each other grow, develop and all that deep stuff.

Should anyone you know be looking for business relationships, tell them to join the team of professional networkers. City and Canary Wharf work well for me.

Let’s all share tips through blogs and social. 🙂

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