10,560 miles through social

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Distance is not an issue any more. We’ve been told this for years really haven’t we. But not just through the internet but through social media, the world is a tiny place. It’s amazing how we can relate to someone thousands of miles (or km, whichever you choose) that we’ve never met, within literally seconds.

Story: I was on Twitter, personally checking out the latest posts about social media marketing, then a man from Sydney, Australia followed me and sent me a personal message. Random, hey? But then what happened? Within 20mins, we set up a call and were then on the phone for an hour. No joke. This professional man, 10,560 miles away was high profile, with 40,000 followers. We’re now building a relationship and talking about sharing business. That’s what social media can do.

My point here is really that social media, for any sort of business from that of an accountant through to that of a restaurateur – the ends really are limitless.

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